Jesus promised He is coming back to create a new heaven and earth

He came first as a suffering servant. When the stiff necked and proud Jews had simply not learned to follow God’s life rules, God loved the world so much that He came to earth Himself to show us the Way. Born as prophesied into David’s line, Mary gave birth to the Holy Spirit seeded baby. He was born in humility to die on a horrific Roman cross. He took the sins of the whole world on his torn and bleeding shoulders to save sinners through “at-one-ment” or atonement with God. He asphyxiated to death in agony in six hours. The sun darkened for the last three hours. The thick curtain in the temple was torn in two. The Roman centurion, whose job it was to kill offenders in the most excruciating way possible, said “Surely this man was the Son of God”.

But the second time He will come with all power in Judgement. God His Father will call each one of us to account for our lives. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Not one of us can be saved by their good deeds. It is only Jesus standing as our Advocate that will save us. He paid the price for our redemption on the cross. And rose again and ascended into heaven where he sits at the right hand of God. He is waiting for all the earth to be saved. But man has sinned and is on the point of destroying the environment. So God may intervene.

When will this be?

Jesus tells us to watch for the signs of the times. But he says no one knows the hour or the date when he will come for his faithful Bride, the Christian church. Only God the Father knows. In Jewish tradition in those days only the Father of the Bridegroom tells him when the house he has built for her is ready to receive his Bride

The thief in the night

Jesus says he will return “like a thief in the night.” This is symbolic of the chief priest who would visit the walls unexpectedly in the night to ensure the watchmen were not sleeping.

The fig tree

Jesus cites the fig tree. When it comes into fruition, the time is near. Many think he is speaking of Israel. Israel was made a nation in a day on 14th May 1948. The generation is now in their eighties. It may be that he was referring to the Roman burning of Jerusalem in AD70. But all that has to happen because of disobedience. But now in 2020 we know the earth groans in labour pains for a solution to our spoiled environment. Our air, water and food are poisoned. One in two of us now develops cancer. Many die of respiratory failure. And this latest global pestilence predicament.

Plagues and pestilences, earthquakes and famines

Plagues have come and gone before, but this is the first time the whole world has literally shut down. Is it bio warfare? Is it the eugenicists dream, to reduce the global population? It is the start of the Tribulation, when men will faint for fear at what is to come on them?

Anti Christ

But first the anti Christ must come. This might be a man or a SPIRIT of AntiChrist. If we look at CERN in Europe, the devastating wars in the Middle East, the famine and drought and suffering of homeless refugees, we see the spirit of AntiChrist is certainly here. God has been taken out of our schools and universities. The nuclear waste is proliferating from Chernobyl and Fukushima. The sea is polluted with plastics. 5G is destroying our immune systems. Our air is full of aluminium poison from the chemtrails.

The Rapture

The first book of Thessalonians chapter 4 speaks of a rapture when the dead in Christ rise first. Then believers are lifted with them in the air to meet the Lord before returning to rule and reign on earth.. Some people believe there will be a Pre Tribulation rapture. The faithful few will be lifted off before the dreadful Tribulation comes. Others believe this will happen half way though the Tribulation. They are know as Mid Tribbers! Others believe we will have to endure the whole Tribulation. They are the Post Tribbers.

The Book of Revelation

This is Jesus revealing end times to his beloved disciple, John. Jesus goes into minute details how the end will come. He describes the seven types of churches. He describes the opening of the scrolls, the seals, and also the new heaven and earth where there will be no more death or suffering or tears. He describes the river of life, the trees with fruit for every season, the leaves which are for the healing of the nations. You must read the Book of Revelation for yourself. There is a blessing on everyone who reads it. Read it today, while you still can, and ask the Holy Spirit of God to come into your life and be saved.

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