I’ve been researching a LONG time to find the best option to protect my beloved family from this new threat of radiation.
I’ve now really tested something that works.
Check out the EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) HARMONISER from
01 299 271836 Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings
The joy of being able to speak to someone highly knowledgeable on the subject is such a comfort.  David Salt really has been into natural solutions for years.  Thank God for heath heroes!

The unit only needs a hook to hang it on a wall near you. It must be nine inches from the floor.

I can only say it has really helped me with

Sounder sleep
Clearer thinking
Diminished backache  Freedom from shoulder ache
Absence from headaches
Less anxiety
Sense of wellbeing on waking
Boosting the immune system
Blood pressure normalised
Pulse rate normised
Protection against harmful energies caused by Wi-fi and electrical gadgets.

£265 for small apartment
£425 for house
£549 reaches 200 meters

Even more good news!
David Salt offers a 10% discount off your EMF Harmoniser when you mention my name.

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