Diabetes – Doctors prove Type 2 can be reversed in days, when we are radical


Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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Diabetes is the sweet, silent killer.   It is caused by our lifestyle.   Diabetes causes most heart attacks and strokes.   It wrecks our kidneys, causes blindness.  It also leads to death of cells in the feet and legs, leading to amputation.   Diabetes also leads to cancer.    Diabetes KILLS.

Many recognise that diabetes is being used by western governments, (who dFatStomacho not want to pay pensions), to cull populations.   The naive and compliant public are  obediently digging their graves with their sweet tooth.  Food lobbies like the sugar, processed foods, dairy and meat industry are very powerful.   They pay scientists a lot of money to make their foods addictive.   Politicians are “bought” by Big Farma to approve disastrous diet guidelines.    Therefore hospital dietitians, like the doctors, are EDUCATED to mislead the public.

The gullible public, who love processed sugar, dairy and meat, eat themselves to death.   Any women with a waist measurement of 30″ or above is PRE-DIABETIC.  as is any man with a waist measurement of 35″ or more.      They are literally killing themselves and will suffer a lifetime of horrible health problems culminating in death.   Diabetes is even crueler than cancer, as the suffering lasts longer.   But diabetes is a big earner for the pharmaceutical companies.    Therefore the general public are left uneducated.

Stress exacerbates the situation, because stressed people eat these lethal foods  and drink these lethal drinks like colas for comfort.  They gain weight, particularly round the waist, called “central obesity” due to their consumption of processed, refined sugars and transfats.  Other diabetics, whose pancreas is trashed, become very thin.   Either way, diabetics are dying.   Adding artificial Insulin and other diabetic medication is like throwing petrol on a fire.    Insulin causes heart attacks.   The body is not intended to be bombarded with synthetic drugs.

The trillions of cells that make up our body begin to die when they are overloaded with these artificial fats and sugars.

The cells can no longer work as they are disrupted and clogged.   Cells in the pancreas called Beta Cells, and Islets of Langerhans, stop making the insulin hormone.   So sugar can no longer get into our cells to give us energy.   Instead the sugar is converted into fat cells which are stored in body fat.    Belly fat in men, belly and hip and thigh fat in women.

It is the continuous snacking of these lethal foods that is the killer.   The body never has time to detox.    Like the clothes washing machine.  We can be doing a wash, and the clothes are getting clean, when someone adds muddy clothes to the rinse cycle….

Our  blood sugar is being spiked so often and so severely that the pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin.    Without insulin, harmful sugar gets in the blood stream,  known as High Blood Sugar.    This causes tears in the endothelial walls of our veins and arteries leading to blockages – heart attacks and strokes.

The test for high blood sugar is the HgA1C test.   When we have HgA1C of 7, we start to be in trouble.   When it reaches 500 we need to go to the emergency room as we are highly likely to have a sudden heart attack or stroke.

One third of these blood sugar problems leads to instant death.   The patient never even knew they had diabetes.   This is why it is the sweet, silent killer.

What to do about diabetes?   

Top natural health doctors such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens,  Dr. Thomas Lodi,  Dr. Joel Fuhrman,  Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Mark Hyman report that they can cure patients within a week or two, from stage 2 diabetes, with a radical raw food diet, exercise and education.  I educate people in this life saving lifestyle on my Get Well weeks in Spain and London and Jersey.

Raw, uncooked foods like fresh organic salads have a LOW glycaemic index.    They slowly release good energy to cells.  If you cannot digest raw salads, blend them and DRINK them.   This blending makes them easier to digest.    Blend lettuce leaves, cucumber, celery, water cress, spinach leaves, tomatoes, carrots, with half an apple and berries (yes these are allowed – read on…) for sweetness and lemon juice for tang.

The glycaemic index is the measurement of glucose in foods.   Sugar is obviously 100% on the glycaemic index.

Cereal with milk would be 93% on the glycaemic index, as cereals and milk are now loaded with extra sugars.    So the usual British bowl of cereal and milk is a breakfast that kills.   So is the European croissant or toast, that turns to instant glucose in the body, with butter and sugar laden jam.   It is the lethal mix of the wrong fats and sugars that has caused this epidemic of diabetes.   Junk food is subsidised by governments (we know why).

The cheapest diet is RAW vegetables and whole grain brown rice.    Millions have survived and thrived on it for millenia.

All white refined foods like bread, biscuits and cakes are HIGH glycaemic index as the foods turn to sugar in the body.  We have to change to LOW glycaemic index – like salads, brown rice, minimally cooked vegan foods like squash, leeks, vegetable soups and green juices.

Exercise, such as a half hour walk every day is essential to burn the sugars and fats and restore circulation to the body, especially the legs.

Intermittent fasting is necessary to allow the body to detox in between meals.

This restores the white blood cell count in the body to overcome infections.   When people give up dairy, they dramatically cut colds, flu and bladder and other infections in the body.   Their immune system returns to normal.

Diabetics should only have two salad meals a day.  Start by having green juice only for breakfast.   If you are desperate to start with, have some oats and water for breakfast.    Then spend the day on salads, and finish with a hot hearty vegetable soup in the evening, or a vegetable curry with loads of spices.

Is fruit OK for diabetics?   The top doctors explain that whole organic fruits contain good glucose, which is essential to maintain energy and life in the cells.   So you CAN eat whole organic fruits with their fibre and their juices, which are on the Gerson Therapy.   Fibre slows down the sugar spike.   What you cannot have is commercial fruit juices which are loaded with artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, in a cardboard box or plastic bottle.   Plastics are hormone disruptors.   Keep your juices and water in glass bottles.

If you are radical, with the enema’s, the raw food diet, you can be diabetes free.   Get a Diabetes finger prick blood sugar testing kit and monitor your progress.   Leave any doctor who tells a stage 2 diabetic  that they are on insulin and medication for life.   These doctors are out of date and probably in the pay of Big Pharma.   Either way, they will kill you.   Work with a knowledgeable health care practitioner who knows diet and lifestyle is the cause of diabetes, and also its cure.









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