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Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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Our twenty first century diet and lifestyle has made us ALL toxic!     Whether we suffer from fatigue, headaches or depression, or have been diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer, diabetes or heart disease, we desperately need to detox!   Our immune systems are under threat from the 800+ new chemicals that did not exist 50 years ago, and our diet which is based on the WRONG fats, sugars and salts!

My courses teach how to substitute these with the correct fats, sugars and salts, the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that build health cells, instead of unhealthy ones.   Remember our bodies are constantly replacing cells every nanosecond.

Whether they are healthy or unhealthy depends on what we eat, drink, breathe, bathe in and THINK!

This is why we have to spend some time EDUCATING OURSELVES, as I learned myself when given a terminal diagnosis.  I was particularly blessed to have had a nursing and political back ground, and a lot of experience.   But I had a lot more to learn to save my life!!

This is my passion and life legacy, to pass on this information so that many can PREVENT disease, and if they have it, to have an educated way to heal.

My life was saved ten years ago by my faith in God as the creator of my immune system, so therefore my only true source of healing.   Having seen my daughter and many friends die of chemotherapy and radiation I was not going that route.     I trusted God completely and reverted to His original diet in Genesis 1:29 and 30.   I also had to quickly detox my body from pollution which had caused the cancer.

I was dying, so I needed to detox FAST.

As you may know from my book “God’s Healing Word,” I was told about this plan from a pastor who had a great deal of past medical trainng in gastroenterology.

Amazingly, the mass in the head of my pancreas shrank, in eight months, to a mere scar.

In order to detox fast, I adopted the Gerson Therapy.   This is a therapy which I knew from my research, had been curing patients back in the 1920’s.  Dr. Max Gerson was a German Jew whose family died in the holocaust.   However, he became a medical doctor and his story is well documented in his book “A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases”.    It was announced in 1928 on American radio that the cure to cancer had been found.

Unbelievably, the politics of medicine, run by the lucrative chemotherapy-making pharmaceutical companies stepped in.   They stopped him practising, and sacked the broadcaster.    Medical terrorism!     Dr. Gerson had to move to Mexico, away from the bullying.   There he created The Gerson Institute, now run by his daughter Charlotte and grandson Howard.   Compare their long term cure rate with orthodox medicine.

Colonics and fresh juices formed the basis of the life saving Gerson Therapy.   As a nurse I was aware of colonics and enemas, and decided to adopt this treatment for myself.   I bought a simple kit and did the washout with coffee five times a day.   Yes, I put a mat in my bathroom and administered the washout safely and inexpensively in my own home!   The RELIEF from pain was the first sign to me that this was going to work.   Despite being on morphine and anti nausea medication, I forced myself to do the colonics FIVE times a day.    My husband made the fresh vegetable juices for me.    I also had Vitamin B17 intravenously, together with high doses of Vitamin C and DMSO, and trypsin and chymotrysin in pancreatic enzyme form.    Healing was a full time job!

I know I could never had detoxed quickly enough without the colonics.     This is where so many patients fail, as they dont know where to get the colonic kits and how to do a good colonic.    So I have now designed and endorsed the Get Well Stay Well Detox Kit which is sold by Wholistic Reseach Ltd.   I have included an implant kit, so after cleaning the colon one can restore the intestinal flora with wheatgrass and probiotics.   This I believe turned round my “six week to live” prognosis quickly.

So I recommend ALL course participants to buy this kit.   It consists of a washable plastic bag (I still use the same one I used ten years ago!).   This hangs on a hook in the bathroom.   The coffee runs down the tubing, which is opened and closed with a small tap, through a soft implant tube, into the body.      You hold the liquid in the body for as long as possible, up to 15 minutes, and then eliminate all colonic waste into the toilet.    Then the colon is clean and ready to receive the implanted healing wheatgrass and probiotics which are quickly absorbed.    The French have for years preferred to take their medicines this way!    Medicines are better absorbed as they do not have to pass through the acids of the stomach.

Our health depends on a strong, detoxed immune system.   Statistics show 75% of us on the western diet are constipated.   Did you know that the body is designed to eliminate food within half an hour of eating it?  That is how a baby’s digestion system works.    It is said that ALL disease stems from a blocked colon, whether the toxicity results in arthritis or acne, cancer or Crohns…..

To buy my Detox Kit, select shippable products on my shop….

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