Special tribute to our beloved Felicity Corbin Wheeler

FelicityCAn incredible lady who devoted her life to helping others; if you are reading this maybe you were one of those who were helped, guided, informed or simply inspired by Felicity’s incredible knowledge and passion for a healthy and prosperous life.

Felicity’s newsletter and regular updates have been sorely missed but with the support of her family and friends we are pleased to announce that those who worked close with her will help maintain Felicity’s legacy by continuing to provide an information packed, monthly newsletter providing the help and guidance just as Felicity would have wanted. Without her closest friends (and our sponsors Simply Naturals & Genesis Healing) this would not be possible and on behalf of all of us we give them our blessings.

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I know that no one is on this site idly, it´s often a matter of life and death.  My ministry is about helping people to heal themselves naturally, without drugs, by detoxing, restoring deficiencies of living enzymes, re-hydrating the body and addressing stress.   This works for thousands at expensive health resorts, and it can work for you at home when you download my 22,500 word E course and take responsibility for your own health .

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BOOK - God´s Healing Word

This is a downloadable eBook containing over 22,500 words and gives the GET WELL STAY WELL course in a nutshell for those who simply cannot get away to do the week’s course in Spain or Jersey. For a fraction of the cost, follow the essentials of the course at home.

BOOK - God´s Healing Word

God´s Healing Word BookWe consist of a body, a mind and a spirit. So to “Get Well and actually Stay Well”, it is logical that we must get well and stay well in all three.

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