What’s REALLY going on?

We all know our climate is changing. Climates do change cyclically in history. There are warmer and cooler periods, due to sun spots and activity. At the time of Henry VII we know Britain was warmer, and we know that in Victorian times people were skating on the frozen Thames.

But this is the first time that our air quality has deteriorated so fast. We understand that this is due to the industrial revolution, and carbon monoxide from traffic.

Respiratory failure

Respiratory failure is now the third greatest cause of death Heart disease and cancer are the two highest. And they are very often caused by respiratory failure also. So we have a huge health problem from polluted air. But from the extensive research done by intelligent scientists Dane Wiggington of www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org and G Edward Griffen in the films”Why are They Spraying” and “What in the World are they Spraying” and Elana Freeand, and Dr. Barrie Trower, I do believe stratospheric spraying with chemicals is the greatest problem. This chemical spraying from military planes is known as “chemtrails”.

What are chemtrails?

They are chemicals being sprayed by specially built nozzles in military (and sometimes commercial) planes. This is why we can buy cheap flights, as the airlines are now paid to spray. Chemical trails are NOT condensation trails. Condensation trails are simply condensation that dissipates harmlessly within four seconds as normal jet aircraft fly across the sky at normal altitudes..

Are they a Conspiracy Theory?

The term Conspiracy Theory was designed purposely to make truthers appear ridiculous. A conspiracy is people working together on an idea. The only conspiracy about chemtrails is that governments have been spraying people without their consent for many years. And when questioned, governments deny the spraying. But the facts are all available on US patent sites.

Bye bye Blue Skies

Most young people nowadays are so busy looking at their smart phones that they never look up at the sky. And if they did, they would not see anything different. Its only those of us who have been around a while who remember when skies were clear and blue. Condensations trails from normal aircraft never opened up and filled the skies with cloud as they do now. We did not have permanently hazy skies.

What in the world ARE they spraying?

Watch an eleven minute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te_FOsKL_5Q

Droughts, floods and famine

Droughts, floods, fierce fires, Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg are in the news. School children worldwide go on strike from school to protest that they will have no future unless their parent’s generation stop poisoning the planet.


The fierce fires in California, Australia and other parts of the world are unlike fires that firefighters have dealt with before. This is due to the fact the fires are now burning on aluminium sprayed ground Aluminium is used in fireworks. No wonder these fires burn as they do.

Poisoned oceans

We see our oceans polluted with plastic waste. We see the rain forests being burned to make room for cattle farming. We see icebergs melting and temperatures rising. But we also see snowstorms and hurricanes of greatest ferocity. We are told we must turn off lights and stop flying. But I believe there is much more going on.

Chemicals in the stratosphere

Since I trained in America many years ago I have known that the military have been secretly spraying the stratosphere to manipulate weather patterns. They use nano particulates of aluminium, barium, strontium, ethylene di bromide. They can add it any pathogen they wish. They could spray with disease. Elana Freeland in her book “Chentrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance on Planet Earth” is the best introduction that I have read.

The derivatives market – betting on the weather!

There is now a commodity market in derivatives. People invest money to bet on the weather. A great deal of money can be made on this commodity market by those who manipulate the weather.

The sun is vital!

The perpetrators pretend the spraying is done to stop global warming. The metal particulates are designed to reflect the light of the sun back to itself. But we all know plants, animals and humans need sunlight to survive!

Volcanic ash can blot out the sun as it has done in the past, smothering people and plants. When we cannot breathe properly our immune system collapses and we gradually sicken and die. What a cunning way of culling the population! You even get the population to pay for their demise in their taxes!

Population cull

A dramatic population cull has been on the agenda for many years. The Georgia Guidestones say we need to reduce the global population from plus 7 billion to only 500 million. That’s eliminating 97% of the human race. Those who control the weather control the world. They don’t even need to fight wars any more. They just cause devastation in an area, send in the troops and stay!

Poisoning of our water supply

Those of us who research health know that governments allowed the poisoning our our water supply with fluoride and chlorine.

Poisoning of our food supply

They then poisoned our food with chemicals such as glyphosate and Round Up. They addicted us to sugar that kills. Scientists were highly paid to make food and beverages addictive. So people would simply dig their graves with their knives and forks and addictions. Organic food is hardly organic when it is being sprayed when growing.


The only solution is to alert others and stop the governments spraying. Do your research as I and 39 million others have done. Once you understand what is going on you will first be incredulous, then convinced, shocked, and very angry. Our children and grandchildren depend on us to save our planet. Get active. Stop the culling.

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