Letter written about chemtrails to my local paper in Jersey, Channel Islands. I wonder if they will print it!   A reader last week was asking what the streaks were, scarring the sky…..    If YOU want to get involved, why not send something similar to YOUR newspapers and paid electoral representatives.   After all, we are PAYING them to look after our interests!   The chemtrails should be at the heart of all elections – what we are being sprayed with is more important than any small local issues.  This is the biggest GLOBAL ISSUE EVER TO AFFECT MANKIND AND THE WHOLE PLANET.

Dear Sir,

Condensation trails (contrails) are water vapour H2O from the jet engines of planes. These occur only at certain altitudes at minus 40F degrees, when water vapour turns to ice. Contrals dissipate within seconds.

Chemical trails (chemtrails, admitted and named as such in HR2977 of the US Space and Preservation Act of 2001) are visible white stratospheric aerosol spraying. They are unrelated to normal jet engine emissions. The Act states they are weather control techtronic laser weapons which can seed clouds and alter weather patterns, causing global dimming, droughts or floods at will. These white streaks, from manned/unmanned air craft, which have for years now been scarring skies GLOBALLY, are usually laid in grid patterns, spraying back and forth so obviously NOT related to commercial air traffic. The streaks open up wide over a few hours, turning the sky into a milky haze which we now see so frequently in the Channel Islands, like the rest of the world.

Chemtrail patents are free to view on the internet. They reveal that chemtrails contain nano particulates of aluminium, barium, strontium etc. This is verified by the unprecedented high air and soil residues in laboratory tests. It is claimed that the nano particulates are purposely sprayed globally to reflect the sun back to itself, and stop global warming. However, we know that plants and animals – including humans – require adequate sunshine to survive.

Worth at this point becoming aware of the sustainability, global depopulation program Agenda 21 of the UN. Sobering reading. To sustain the earth it is suggested to get rid of 85% of the global population! Research it!

Cognitive dissonance accounts for the unwillingness of most to believe that this global culling could be done on a non consensual public. Sadly most people are too busy consulting their smart phones to look up, see what is happening and ask sensible questions. I have for 30 years been a health researcher and for the last five years presented my Get Well Stay Well global TV health program on worldwide Christian www.RevelationTV.com. I am a member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, hold meetings there, and yes, this spraying has adverse health consequences. Please research www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org followed by 30 million viewers, and Elana Freeland’s best selling book “Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” for scientific, well referenced information.

Yours faithfully,

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