Here in the south of Spain we are blessed with clear blue skies much of the time. Breathing problems improve within minutes of breathing the clean air on arrival.

Of course, this can be attributed to Vitamin D from the sunshine, but that does not account for the INSTANT improvement. Many of us think it is due to better quality air we are breathing and realise that the air back in Britain and the northern hemisphere is now very polluted!

Britain and northern countries have an epidemic of asthma, thyroid disease, bronchitis, emphysema, strange auto-immune diseases such as ME, MS, Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease, even diabetes, cancer, anxiety, bi polar and depression. Could these ALSO be due to chemicals that are being sprayed via chemtrails over these skies? Many intelligent people think so.

The process is called ionispheric structuring. Playing with the weather, by manipulating the jet stream and enabling scientists to cause droughts or floods. The military potentiality is mind blowing, we are now living in Star Wars.

The ionisphere is like a giant doughnut encircling the globe, with invisible vapour patterns like rivers of vapour as powerful as the Amazon being drawn in to the north of the ring and emanating from the south of the ring. Such is the research already done on the ionisphere and also the magnetosphere. Because living beings including plants also have electromagnetic meridians, of course we are drawn into this eco manipulation.

Added to this scientists are now manipulating the minerals of the earth with GeoEngineering, fracking deep into the earth.

The aluminium and heavy metal toxins which are being sprayed, (ostensibly to cool the non existent global warming or as a military Iron Dome defence against attack) could well be to blame.

Research in the media, available to all, shows heavy metals such as aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, lithium and other toxins are added to the canisters spraying out of the back of special planes. Unlike contrail vapour which dissipates quickly, chemtrails leave lingering residue which stays visible for some time, eventually merging into clouds. These clouds may look like innocent cirrus, cirrocumulus, or cirrusstratus clouds, but in fact they may contain mind and body altering toxins.

Even more sinister, the latest chemtrails have now been designed to be invisible.

Scientists have found the exact waves which can alter our brain waves. They can induce sleep, apathy, hysteria, panic, fear, disease or biochemical warfare in whole populations, as they wish. This is already being used in interrogation techniques, according to YouTube information.

As well as manipulating our minds, of course the scientists can also manipulate our cells and bodies, as we are electro magnetic bodies.

Could these toxins be responsible for the symptoms so many are suffering from? Shortness of breath, diabetes, anxiety, dementia, reduced fertility, insomnia, autism, ADDH, auto immune disease, unprecedented death of bees, birds and fish??? When bees are no longer here to pollinate plants, our food supply will cease. Our food is already compromised by genetic modification. To control the minds of the population and their food supply ensures control by the scientists and their masters.

Could this also be responsible for the “dumbing down” of the population as they breath in the lithium? Remember what we breathe in through our noses very quickly affects our brain through the hippocampus.

Look around you at a typical crowd. Do you see signs of apathy, anarchy or aggression? We see unprecedented mindless drunkenness on the streets on a Friday and Saturday night. It seems our populations are losing the ability to reason, and are SO easily diverted from asking intelligent questions, by our “box” culture.

We live in boxes, we eat out of boxes, we watch the box and, and eventually get put in a box. There is a popular mass culture of watching meaningless sports, celebrities, political scandals, mindless soap opera’s and quiz games which fill the leisure hours in a fog between working and sleeping.

But as the weather becomes more and more extreme, with polar vortex and freezing snow storms, unprecedented hot summers, forest fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami’s, intelligent people are beginning to ask questions.

We now know that there are HAARP stations around the world capable of altering our weather and our minds. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project and these stations exist in Alaska, California, Wales, Norway, Russia, Japan, Australia, South India, Brazil, Long Island, Puerto Rico, and countless small, very secret remote islands. Apparently there are eight new sites every year.

It is also a matter of public knowledge, on YouTube for all to see, that the pilots on these projects know that their planes could be destroyed in fifteen seconds if they question their orders or divert from their routes…. Interesting, bearing in mind recent missing aircraft! They are the highest paid pilots in the world, “hardened to humanity” and they do what they are told.

What are WE the public doing about this? We have to become active, or we shall become extinct.

If this interference with the ionosphere continues, humanity will become extinct very soon. One third of our couples are already infertile, and birth defects are on the rise. Childhood brain tumours are becoming more common. This may also be due to the use of mobile phones by young children, but some babies are now actually born with brain tumours.

What can we do to protect ourselves from being affected? The aluminium particles are minute nanoparticles and will get through masks. These nano particles, once in our bloodstream, cross the blood/brain barrier. This is why chemtrails affect our body and our brains, changing our behaviour.

As well as becoming politically active, we must detox as much as we can. For instance we can use purified oxygen and ozone machines in our homes to get some relief. We can also do daily colonics, infra red saunas, drink fresh organic juices, eat home grown organic foods. We also need to take supplements including magnesium citrate. Magnesium is destroyed by aluminium, so it is no coincidence that most of the population are magnesium deficient.

When you come on my courses, I will show you the technology for getting well and staying well. If you cannot travel, simply book a phone consultation or download my courses and booklets.

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