Chemical trails are not condensation trails


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I am delighted to be making three minute health information “segments” on Revelation TV in addition to my half hour weekly programs. Here is a sneak peak of the script for one on chemtrails that will be out soon!

Hi I’m Felicity.
Let’s have a Get Well stay Well moment on “Chemtrails.”

When I was training in the United States of America years ago, I experienced chemical trails for the first time. They were pointed out to me in the blue skies of America, from east to west coasts. Chem trails, as they are known, are quite different to con trails. Con trails are the condensation trails emerge from the commercial jets we use. Condensation trails dissipate quickly, chemical trails do not. Chem trails are being sprayed by military and government planes, to control the weather, and also populations.
Chem trails start narrow and white, emanating from planes flying high in the atmosphere.. But instead of dissipating like condensation trails, they remain, and spread out, gradually blotting out the sun. They are sprayed in patterns, to cover an area fully.

However, they are doing much more than blotting out the sun. The chemicals they are spraying are causing huge damage to our environment and to us. And for some years now, British and European skies are being darkened with chemtrails, too.

Chemtrails project UK is part of a growing worldwide movement that is raising awareness of chemtrails and taking action to ban climate geo engineering and weather modification. Intelligent independent scientists are testing the fall out and doing independent rainwater tests. They are finding that the content is aluminium, barium and various other very toxic heavy metals. Blocking out the sun is certainly causing climate change.

It’s also causing us higher energy bills as people try to keep warm in their homes. The Chemicals are also causing crops to fail, even culminating in droughts in some places. Intelligent doctors are warning us that these toxic chemicals are causing Vitamin D deficiency, Alzheimer’s, depression, lethargy, brain fog, serious respiratory problems, and infertility.

Man is playing with creation and gradually killing the planet and the world population. This is not a surprise, as the United Nations Agenda 21 has a policy of reducing world population from 7 billion with a B to just 500 million with an M. That’s getting rid of an awful lot of people.

Don’t take my word for this, do your own research. I believe I am here for such a time as this, to warn the body of Christ on earth about these dark and powerful threats to our health. Time to be watchmen on the walls, wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Do your homework. Ask questions. And all the time, build up your immune system. Be aware. Get Well and Stay Well. 403

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