This information is taken from a lecture by American, Christian, Dr Gary Tunsky

Please read his excellent, easy to read book,   


“The Battle for Health is over pH”


Over 20 years of extensive culminating research in diverse fields of cellular disease pathology, Dr. Gary Tunsky says “I have discovered there are five conditions that cause poor health.   The first three account for approximately 5% of all health problems.

1 Hereditary weakness (genetic dispositions)

2 Congenital deformity

3 Permanent organ injury (accidents, and sports injuries)

But 95% of all disease and suffering is caused by cellular toxicities and cellular deficiencies.

This 95% can be eliminated by cellular cleansing, healthy diet and lifestyle.

Cellular toxicities and cellular deficiencies are the result of:

1 toxic DNA from multiple vaccinations starting from birth,

2 toxic mercury poisoning from amalgam dental fillings

3 an impoverished nutrient deficient diet

4 inverted way of living

5 continuous exposure to toxic air

6 environmental contaminants

7 food and beverage contaminants

8 toxic chemicals from water (chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, heavy metals, petroleum distillates, etc.

9 contaminants contained in cosmetics, toiletries, and household cleaners.

 Cellular toxicity and cellular deficiency never occur separately.   They always occur together in combination and have a compounding effect where one plus one does not equal two, but equals 10, 20 or 100 times the health wrecking potency when you combine thousands of low dose chemicals in the bloodstream.

As toxicity and deficiency progress, they place the cells, tissues, organs, systems, and eventually the entire body, into a state of stress, disorder and “Dis-Ease”.   When cells malfunction and cannot perform their tasks, organ malfunction eventually occur with a resulting cascading system malfunction, eventually leading to body malfunction.

 The patient is now neither healthy nor in a severe trauma crisis state. They are in the twilight zone of one of the estimate 10,001 categorised disease labels, and well on the way to life threatening illness and eventually death if this twilight state is not corrected.

There is a sliding scale between health and trauma.    90% of office visits to a medical doctor are about symptoms which cannot be revealed by lab analysis until they have reached the point of crisis.

X rays, PET scans, MRI’s, CT scans, immune profiles, blood pathology and hormonal assessments will not show signs of abnormality because they have not reached the parameter for measuring cell health, neither do these tests reveal cellular toxicity and cellular insufficiencies.

Consequently the patient will either be blamed for bad genes, or getting older, or be given a clean bill of health, or be labelled by their doctor as psychosomatic or hypochondriac.

Even worse they may be given palliative symptom suppressive pharmaceutical drugs which will only deepen the disease.  The patient is unaware that they are getting sicker because the drugs only mask their symptoms but do nothing to treat the real cause of their problem, which is at the cellular level.

 There are over 100 abnormal diseases that won’t register on blood tests, urinalysis, PET scans, X rays, computerise tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

 This doesn’t include the unseen emotional toxins such as anger, bitterness, stress, anxiety or un-forgiveness that eventually lead to physical illness and can never by detected by diagnostic equipment.   Unfortunately lab tests are only calibrated and limited to detecting chronic severe crisis situations.   Then it is often too late to take preventative measures.

Allopathic physicians are taught that if you cant see it in an x ray or detect it through lab tests, hear it in a stethoscope, or feel it in palpitation it doesn’t exist, although the whole body is in a state of dis-ease.

 Since medical students are not taught toxicology and the dangers of accumulated toxins that cause free radical damage to the cells, or the necessities of live, or whole food nutrition to establish and maintain health, the entire sick-care industry can keep disease in the medical twilight zone where no cures can be discovered.  

A medical monopoly of risky surgeries and lethal pharmaceuticals can keep you on the medical money go round, with these companies profiting billions of dollars on crisis care.

Cellular toxicities and deficiencies account for 90% of doctor’s office visits, concerning circulatory disorders, chronic fatigue, stress, increase blood pressure, arthritis, digestive and skin disorders, mild bacterial, fungal and viral infections, anxiety, immune suppression. 

If you have toxic residues, heavy metals and plaque accumulating in the intestines, liver, blood, tissues and cells, nutritional building elements are not able to penetrate the cell membrane to regenerate the cells genetic material and remove metabolic waste.  

Then metabolic efficiency, energy, and hormone neurotransmitter synthesis is reduced which will manifest in extreme lethargy, muscle weakness, gastric distention, aches and pains, depression, memory and concentration problems.  

These are Creator God’s intelligence to warn us of a deeper cellular malfunction.   Remember it is only after massive numbers of cells malfunction or die that you begin to notice symptoms of disease.

Drugs cannot remove toxic residues in and around the cells, nor can  they fix nutritional deficiency or cellular deficiency.   In fact they add more toxins and rob more nutrients from the body.   Only natural,    non toxic treatment and detox protocls can reverse illness.

 The body tries to eliminate the toxins by coughing, mucous discharge, sweating, diaorrhea, and all too often we take drugs to stop these life saving natural purges.

Dr John Christopher writes:   The germ is the scavenger that lives on toxins, mucous, poisons and filth.   They are nature’s perfect garbage men.   We should work with them, not against them.   With most incubation they multiply faster.  To live they must eat, and the only thing they consume is the filth of the body.  When all garbage is eliminated, they leave because they have nothing more to live on.

 We need 24 amino acids


Essential Fatty Acids

16 vitamins

92 minerals

enzymes (catalysts which make everything else work)

Phytonutrients from plants that have chlorophyll

sunshine or photon light (electromagnetic pulse waves which come from the sun)

Glyco-nutrients, essential glyco-sugars, glyco-proteins and glyco-lipids for cellular communication

oxygen and water.

Our nutrition program MUST deliver all of these.

Every cell, whether it’s a nerve cell or brain cell, is analogous to us as a whole in a microcosm.   For instance we need to breathe oxygen – and our cells need to breathe oxygen.  

Just as we communicate in different languages, so do cells communicate in different languages. 





Neuropeptide language (communication of brain to muscle communication.)

and  Photon Light language.


We have internal organs.  

Our cells also have internal organs called organelles or genetic material.  

We have skin and our cells have a skin like texture called a semi-permeable membrane to protect the inside of the cell from damage due to free radicals.

We conceive children, and cells actually conceive by splitting and dividing into new cell generations called daughter cells. 

We produce waste, and our cells also produce waste which must be eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system, the skin, the colon and urine.

We need photon light from the sun and every cell of the body needs photon light for cellular communication which creates the electromagnetic energy to light up the cell like a light bulb.

We harness the micro electric current energy coming from the sun through photosynthesis.   Our cells harness micro electric voltage inside the cell in the mitochondria, which produces ATP (the energy factories for every cell.)  

Cells are also mini manufacturing plants that synthesise hormones, neurotransmitters, proteins, peptides and intelligent life force to run all the body’s functions.

We must understand that the creation of the human body is built on plant derived substances, not synthetic pharmaceutical compounds.

The body is created to recognize organic versus inorganic building materials for cellular health.   Anything that is synthetic, carbon chain construct from petrochemicals, including vitamins, is rejected as a foreign substance without the life force.     The disease process is triggered by the accumulated toxins we inject through vaccines, and those we eat, breathe, drink, think and bathe in on a regular basis.  

If we take in more contaminants, carcinogens and acids than the body can filtrate and eliminate on a daily basis, it overwhelms the body and pollutes the blood.  

Our blood is the river of life.  When it becomes overwhelmed with toxins it becomes a river of disease and death instead.

Most cellular deficiencies are caused by 12 pillars of toxicity.

Spiritual toxins (sin), emotional toxins (anger, bitterness, stress, anxiety), vaccine toxins, (foreign DNA).

Add to these pharmaceutical toxins, environmental toxins, industrial toxins, food toxins, water toxins found in tap water used for drinking, showering and bathing, beverage toxins, carbonated drinks, sodas, coffee, alcohol, hygiene products, household cleaner toxins, heavy metal toxins (mercury, aluminium, cadmium and lead.)

Most cellular toxicities trigger 12 pillars of deficiencies.

Insufficient detoxification, chelation, hydration, oxygenation, incorrect power of hydrogen (pH) balance, nutritional assimilation, energy vibration, circulation of blood and lymph, cellular communication, sunlight, inflammatory response, (allergies) and insufficient prayer/spiritual connection.

Caked up placque which coats a bio film around cell membranes prevents water and oxygen feeding the cells, which now become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungus and even cancer.  


Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Peace Prize winner, said

“There is only one main cause of cancer.   The replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

Obviously when oxygen cannot enter, neither can essential amino acids, EFA’s, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and even photon light.   They are also going to be blocked from penetrating the cell membrane to feed the cells, particularly the nucleus, where the subatomic particles are.   That is the power that runs the cellular engines.

Most people don’t understand that it’s not the quantity that you take in with nutrition, it’s the quality and the source.