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Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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Even when life is difficult, we can CHOOSE to transform it to a celebration! It’s all about our perspective on life events. Our perspective radically changes our body chemistry. And good body chemistry, laughter and love can heal us from the anxiety, grief or pain that may be weighing us down.

It’s our choice. We need to “come to our senses” and then we can heal. We have five physical senses. Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

Its our choice what we decide to focus on! We can choose to live in heaven or in hell.

Do we choose to watch mainstream TV with its lies and agendas, and trashy programs?

Or do we look at the beauty of sunrise, sunset, the sun sparkling on the sea? If not in reality – then in our memory. When in difficult situations I choose to change them in my mind to walking on a sunny beach in the Algarve with my three young children, many years ago, when life was perfect and I was so aware of the golden moment.

And what do we choose to smell? The pollution and chemicals or the delicious fragrance of essential oils? The neroli, the lemon, the lavender essential oils that heal? Why do people put up with dreadful situations? Very often it is sheer laziness.

And what about sounds? 741 hertz causes dissonance, whereas 528 hertz music heals. Think of the sounds of Mozart floating over vineyards… viniculturists in Stellenbosch, South Africa, actually play music as the growing grapes taste even better!

And what do we choose to taste? Processed foods or the fruits and vegetables, herbs and seeds that God ordained for us.

Touch can be as painful as a broken limb, as irritating as a broken nail, or as sweet as a compassionate, loving touch from a friend, or a beautiful climax.

These are the five physical senses. But God created everything in sevens. Seven musical chords on the diatonic scale, seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow.

Surely the sixth sense is our innate need for communication with our environment. and with others around us.

And the seventh is choice of harmonious interaction with our Creator. The source from which we come, and to which we will return. Once we have made our peace with God, in all humility, we find the peace which the world cannot give.

That sustains us through life and death, and brings us peacefully home with serenity. Our dried out damaged chrysalis of a physical body turns into the beautiful butterfly with shimmering wings as the soul flies free.

The choice is ours. Make life a beautiful celebration – every minute of every day!

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