In our demanding, fast paced world of the quick morning shower, I think it is time to remember the ancient art of Balneotherapy…

Sheer luxury, and all done inexpensively at home.

Wait for the evening, and indulge in a long, Regenerating, Detoxing spa Balneotherapy at home!  

Phones off, soft lighting,  soothing music, delicious aromas, relaxing in warm water…

What a blissful benediction at the end of the day!

Gently exfoliate the face and body with a skin brush, and rinse the dead cells away in the shower.

Pour 2 cups of Epsom Salts and 2 cups of Bicarbonate of Soda into a bath of hot water.  Mix well and soak, topping up the hot water from time to time.  This will remove radiation from computers, mobile phones and planes.

Add 10 drops of Essential Oil of Lavender for extra relaxation.

To sweat out extra toxins, add some grated fresh ginger root to the bath water.

If you have a congested cough, relax in a hot bath with Essential Oil of Eucalyptus.

Before you dip into you bath, prepare a thermos of  hot water, lemon, ginger root.

You can sip this during the bath.   This helps to calm the mind, detox lungs, kidneys and sinus.

When you have dried yourself, anoint the whole body with coconut oil and magnesium oil for total relaxation.  Add soporific Lavender essential oil to soothe.

Sip chamomile tea as you read the Psalms in bed, or listen to the mp3 of The Blessing, for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Good night and God Bless YOU!