Bicarbonate of Soda, the jewel in the cupboard


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Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda

Yes, that humble packet of Bicarbonate of Soda is a gem! We can drink it to alkalise our bodies and heal disease, cook with it, we can bath in it, clean our teeth in it, deodorise our sinks, fridges and trainers with it, green up our cooked veggies with it, water our plants with it, clean our dishes and ovens with it and use it as a fire extinguisher! And it’s readily available, safe….. and costs only about a pound a box?!

The only thing you have to ensure is that you get a Bicarbonate of Soda which does not contain aluminium. Baking Soda is slightly different, being more alkaline To use Bicarbonate of Soda medicinally, get the Arm and Hammer one which has been loved and trusted since 1926. Bicarbonate is infused intravenously in hospitals in cases of heart and respiratory emergencies and when treating aspirin overdose, as it alkalises and oxygenates the body. Remember our two greatest needs are oxygen, and a balanced pH. Sodium of Bicarbonate is a life saver!

You will find testimonies on YouTube of people swearing that drinking a teaspoon of bicarbonate of sode in a glass of water has cured them of cancer. Because Bicarbonate of Soda is a fungicide, and cancer is now being recognised as a fungicide, this is logical. Having overcome my own cancer and wanting to STAY well, I certainly drink my Bicarb solution every morning, and also clean my teeth with it, after I have done my “oil pulling.”

The oil pulling is done with coconut oil. We swish it round the mouth on waking and it collects all the bacteria which have collected overnight. After around ten minutes of swishing, we spit the oil into a tissue and bin it. Never be tempted to spit the oil into a basin or loo, or it will solidify in the cold water and block them up.

Everyone I know who “oil pulls” regularly agrees that they have improved their ears, nose and throat health. It is amazing how the sinusitis, rhinitis, colds, ear and throat infections clear up once the bacteria are drawn out this way. I have even healed acute tooth ache with the oil pulling, I know it works! If you have a cold, you can also rinse the nose and sinuses out with a mild solution of bicarbonate of soda. It alkalises the acid mucous.

I never buy expensive, chemical, commercial toothpaste now, I have come to love the alkaline taste of my snow white bicarb powder on my toothbrush in the morning. It has whitened my teeth as promised, which is a great boon as I drink a lot of coloured vegetable juices every day.

Carrot and green juices can stain the teeth, so I drink the juices with a straw when I am at home. My teeth have never felt to shiny and clean, and my mouth so fresh. Of course, it is alkalised, and I am getting freer and freer of chemicals!

Bicarbonate of soda also makes a wonderful detox bath. Just throw a cup full into a really hot bath and soak. It will draw radiation out of the body after a day working with electro magnetic radiation. I know that even after hours in the TV studio, surrounded by technology and radiation, I need this wonderful soak. I add some lavender essential oil, to prepare me for a great nights sleep.

If you have any skin problems, powder with some of the bicarb after drying. This is wonderful if you have children or grandchildren miserable with chickenpox, and you have picked up the dreaded shingles. Rough age patches on the skin often just peel off after this lovely detox. Splinters can be floated out, when we soak the foot in a solution of bicarbonate of soda. I use it as an exfoliator on my face every day as I still have oily skin in my seventies!

A bicarb bath is also a wonderful way to soothe sunburn. When my guests in Spain have overdone the free Vitamin D on my terrace, they find the bicarb soothes like beautifully. They then follow this with my favourite coconut oil These simple home made favourites are the only bath products I use now.

After the bath, of course, we can clean it quickly with some bicarbonate on a clean cloth. It will also clean the sink and loo beautifully, even removing the stubborn rings in the bowl. Your ceramic surfaces and taps will glisten!

I also use bicarbonate in my washing machine, to soften clothes. I add a few drops of lemon essential oil, so that my sheets and duvet covers smell delicious!

Mixing bicarb and coconut oil makes a very effective deodorant too. Being anti bacterial, the sweat no longer smells. Its great to sprinkle in those hot sweaty sports shoes and the winter boots. By the way do you know we have 2000 large pores in the soles of our feet, to help us detox? No wonder we need to soak our feet every day!

You can also use sprinkled bicarb to deodorise animal odours from carpets, garbage bins, and toilets. It even unblocks sinks when we make a solution, boil it and pour down the drain.

I always freshen my green veggies with a little bicarbonate of soda as they soften in boiling water. The Brussel Sprouts take on a gorgeous emerald colour!

Plants, too, benefit from from this amazing solution. I always put some in with my house plants and any cut flowers in a vase. I also feed it to my herbs and vegetables growing in boxes on my terrace.

I always used to dislike the chemicals I used to clean silver photograph frames, and cutlery, my spoons, knives and forks. Lo and behold, I tried bicarbonate one day and found it removed the tarnishes better than the commercial products!

Friends also put it in their swimming pool to balance the pH, counteract the chemicals, and make it safer for the children.

When Bicarb is heated, its NaHC03 constituents change into Na2CO3, carbon dioxide bubbles, which helps our cakes to rise. What some of us don’t realise is that it now becomes a very potent grease dissolvent and cleaner.

We mix it into a paste with water and spread if over the dirty surfaces of the oven. We then turn the over on for half an hour and then leave the hot oven closed overnight. In the morning we can just wipe the oven clean with a little vinegar. It is great for removing burned on stains on the ceramic hob, and burnt saucepans, as well.

What an incredible all rounder Bicarbonate is! It worked to save people from the Spanish flu in 1918 and helped people overcome Swine flu in the 1990’s. As an alkaliser, oxygenator and anti-inflammatory, it certainly earns it place in nearly every room in my home and has replaced a lot of chemical medicines in my bathroom cupboard!

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