Because I had cancer in 2003 and a corona type flu in 2016 I am in the high risk category.  My doctor in Spain and my doctor in Jersey both told me COVID19 would kill me!   But I am still here!

So I have done a huge amount of research into our COVID19 predicament.  Or plandemic as many doctors and I am calling it.  

This was planned years ago as part of Agenda 21.   A eugenecist program to reduce global population through disease, economic collapse and famine.  The Georgia Guidestones in USA predicted this in 1990.  The only escape being offered by politicians is herd immunity or vaccines    Who in their right mind would take a vaccine from a eugenecist?    

World surveillance is already being implemented with the distancing for military recognition.   Compliant, naive people have depleted their own oxygen supply with masks.   This has lowered their immune systems.  And the masks offer no protection from breathing in the virus as it is nano particulate and goes though any ordinary mask.    Masks are designed for nursing and operating theatre staff to stop breathing any pathogens they might have into open wounds or airways of patients.   

Covid19 post mortem examinations reveal the lungs are wrecked by pulmonary embolism and clots.  Not pneumonia.   So ventilators have killed 97% of patients.  Patients needed oxygen concentrators instead.   

 If you are suffering from a cold or flu while reading this, learn how to rebuild your immune system so you will never suffer again!

Colds and flu can only develop in the body if we are carrying bacteria. The virus lives on those bacteria.

So the cold is really a detox from nose, throat and lungs.  Note with COVID19 those who were already toxic and sick with obesity suffered more deaths.

Ventilators were not the right treatment, but supplemental oxygen was, together with steroids, anti inflammatories,  anti coagulants, zinc and alkalinisation of the body.   Arthritic and asthmatic patient already on high strength steroids had a better chance of survival. 


Obviously hygiene is important.   We should wash our hands with soap and use a colloidal silver gel as well.  Commercial gel sanitizers contain harmful chemicals.   Clean your mobile phone, your computer, your mouse and everything else you use often.   I use colloidal silver gel which is anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal.  

When we eliminate DAIRY, we avoid a lot of toxic mucoid plaque. This is what makes the catarrh and phlegm, which is the body’s way to remove the bacteria from the body!

Regenerate  the immune system with 100% plant based supplements from  They contain all 75 essential minerals and 16 essential vitamins.  They come in convenient wafers.   I dissolve them in distilled water from my distiller available from

I then ozonate this water with my State of the Art SOTA water ozonator from David Salt on  00 44 1299 271836 .  If you tell him you come from me he will kindly give you a discount on this expensive but brilliant machine.  

Drinking your minerals and vitamins this way ensures you get the best nutrition in the purest, oxygenated water.  Drinking two litres of this a day will avoid one of the greatest dangers – that of dehydration.  We lose our thirst reflex as we age. 

I also grow my own vitamins and minerals in the natural living enzymes found in raw herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and green plants I grow in tubs on my small but sunny terrace.   Jersey Royal potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, courgettes, sweet corn, aubergines, turnips, lettuce, beans, peas, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries and blue berries.   I also have a green apple tree, a red apple tree, a fig and a lemon tree.   

Detox is the other half of the picture.   At the same time, we must eliminate toxins with colonics, coffee enemas, saunas, hot baths of Epsom Salts, and ionic foot baths.

Use 3% hydrogen of peroxide to bubble germs out of the ears.

Spray ears, nose and throat with colloidal silver, nature’s own antibiotic.

Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C every hour to bowel tolerance. Eat raw garlic, or take garlic capsules, or cooked garlic in brown rice.

If you are already clearing a cold, inhale the steam of hot water with essential oils of eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove and thyme. Breathe it deeply into the lungs.  Tea tree oils are healing.    I use do TERRA which are the purest.   Follow the link on my website for lots of information.   

Going to a hyperbaric chamber is not an option for any one with infectious disease.   You would simply not be allowed to enter, let alone spend 90 minutes sealed up with other infected people.  Neither would you be able to sit up and breathe under resistance as you have to in a hyperbaric tank.   I know.   I have tried it when well and did not enjoy the experience for one second of the 90 minutes. 

Get your own oxygen concentrator. to avoid traumatic hospital visits.     Look at the Soemac Pro as the least expensive at around £1650.    If you quote code FCW10 you will get a 10% discount.    If you need more oxygen litres per minute book a phone consultation with me as I have now had to buy myself different types which are portable for the garden, the car and on the planes.    

Also consider an electro magnetic mat.  I have an excellent one which I use at night and also during the day.   It improves my oxygen saturation in the cells by 30%, proven on my oxymeter.  The mat works on the Schumann Resonance frequencies.   It heals wounds, restores circulation, drains the lymphatic system and relaxes muscles.    It is wonderful for reducing stress and inflammation in the body.   It has many different frequencies including one for insomnia.   

I love to share my lifetime of holistic health solutions that actually prove to work.   Everyone has different causes for their diseases and stresses.   This is why the phone consultations are the only way I can really help people one to one.    Book one now!    Half an hour can restore your health!