God’s Word says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”  Psalm 139.

We see this truth in the infinitely intelligent design of the eye, the ear, our DNA, our blood and every cell and organ of our body, which works in perfect synergy with every other organ and cell.

It is no co-incidence that our feet, hands and ears bear a map of our body, and that by understanding the maps, and pressing on various accessible part of our body, we can treat the whole body.

If this were not enough, God has also given us the most beautiful flowers and fruit for our joy and their perfume for our delectation and also our healing.

Used together, they make the most delightful healing therapy available!







The Chinese, who are an intelligent race, discovered this fact thousands of years before us in the west.   Remember the three Wise Men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus, came from the East. Eastern Doctors have for centuries used these God given meridian points to treat disease, and also use them as powerful natural anasthesia.

We in the West have been slow to use the intelligence of acupressure, combined with aromatherapy, but we are catching up at last.






One of my longest standing and most faithful friends is a  Chinese Christian girl, who was at school with me in England.   She became a doctor in England, then a Canadian consultant anaesthetist.   After years of practice in Canada, she retired and took a sabbatical to study Chinese traditional medicine, including acupuncture and acupressure.   Older than me, she is still healing her patients in Canada.   She taught me so much and I am so grateful to you, Ruth!

Aromatherapy and reflexology help keep our river of life flowing, blood and lymph and circulating!  

Stagnation is blocked energy which ultimately leads to death.  

The sun, earth and water are in constant motion, the rhythm of life!    We must join in!


Reflexology with aromatherapy oils

Scientific studies show that acupuncture and acupressure work.

The body has thousands of energy points, containing our life energy, which extends a little outside the body forming an aura.   Our aura gives off positive or negative energy according to our thoughts and intentions.

Using the same meridian or energy points, reflexology using additional aromatherapy oils heal even more exponentially, by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and at the same time releasing the calming hormone oxytocin as we breathe in the aroma of different plants such as rose, mint and lavender.

People spend money to have a aromatherapy and massage at a spa, but how much nicer and more convenient to be able to enjoy these benefits in the privacy of our own home, whenever and wherever we wish!   What a joy to have a relaxing massage and able to sleep in ones own warm bed afterwards, instead of having to get dressed and go home!   

Our homes should be a sanctuary of peace and comfort, so set aside an evening to indulge at home.

 So prepare your bedroom and bathroom as a peaceful spa, with soft lights, warm waters, essential oils and start healing your body at home, every night before bed.    This will give you a blissful sleep.

Christians should remember that aromatherapy and reflexology has its roots in ancient texts.  We know that Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus’ feet with precious perfume from an alabaster box.  

There is absolutely nothing ungodly about aromatherapy or reflexology.

Medically, we know now that aromatherapy supports all glands and organs of the body.

Stimulating reflex points sends body’s intelligence to the area to:

 a  relieve stress and tension

b  improve blood supply

c  unblock nerve impulses

d  re-balance the body


Reflex points can be accessed on feet, hands and ears

By practising reflexology and aromatherapy regularly, we can nightly “tune” the body to keep harmony.

Tender spots are simply areas that are “out of tune”


The Foot/hand

Left correlates to the left side of the body

Right to the right side of the body


The inside of the foot/hand addresses the centre of the body

The outside of the foot/hand addresses the side of the body

The toes/fingers represent the top of the head

The heel represents the bottom or tailbone

The arch of the foot/hand represents the waistline

The top of the foot/hand accesses the surface of the body

The bottom of the foot/hand relates to the deeper parts of the body



Best when applied consistently on a daily basis

2 minutes in the morning, noon and night benefits as much as an hour occasionally.

Can be done while doing other daily activities

Use moving pressure “caterpillar walk” to activate reflex points

Amount of pressure varies person to person but generally it is “a hurt that feels good”



 Essential oils are some of the most powerful and concentrated therapeutic agents known, exerting significant anti-viral, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, hormonal and psychological effects.

Use almond oil as the base, in one palm, adding drops of:

Energising lemon essential oils in the morning

Luxuriant orange at noon

Calming, soothing lavender from sunset onwards and through the night

Tea tree oil as an antiseptic

Peppermint for nausea

Eucalyptus for sinusitis

Clove, cinnamon and thyme for bronchitis

Citronella for insect deterrent

Valerian for sleep

Wintergreen for aching muscles



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