news-america-1Hippocrates Health Institute

Felicity is a qualified Hippocrates Health Educator.
Hippocrates is the state of the art institute where tens of thousands have got well and stayed well from heart disease, diabetes, stage four cancers and other catastrophic degenerative diseases

At Hippocrates guests do the three week Life Change program where they learn the science behind the healing, and what raw living foods the body needs.
At the cellular level our bodies are dependent on the enzymes from the food we eat, the purity of the water we drink, and even the thoughts we think. The latest research shows that to get well and stay well, we must treat the body holistically.

At Hippocrates the 100 new guests every week are supported to find their healing with the tools they are given here in the 50 acre campus surrounded by palms and lakes, mineral pools and state of the art gym, daily lectures, colonics, massage and the latest in therapy machines such as oxygen, low level laser, infrared saunas, Viofor and Theragem. The Graduation testimonies every weekend as guests leave are inspirational.

Hallelujah Acres

In June 2007, Felicity flew to North Carolina, USA to join up with a huge 43 nation international ministry called Hallelujah Acres.

Hallelujah Acres was founded thirty years ago when a Baptist Minister in New York, Rev. Dr. George Malkmus, healed a baseball size cancer in his colon by simply changing his diet to the Genesis 1:29 and 30 diet of raw fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and green plant. He dubbed it the “Hallelujah” Diet because when he was healed he praised God for the amazing self healing bodies he has created for us.



Forty years on, in his 80’s, Dr. Rev. George exudes health and vitality as he leads a ministry of 7000 Health Ministers who he has personally trained at a former Baptist Seminary, now headquarters of Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina.
Two million people around the world testify to 170 degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis disappearing on this radical diet.

news-america-3After training at Hallelujah Acres, Felicity who had already authored her fast selling book, “God’s Healing Word”, was accredited as a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, and now leads this biblically based course around the world. She trained with doctors, nurses and other health professionals from 43 different countries.

Hallelujah Acres has Life Style Centres in four locations in America.

Felicity is now planning to create a life saving Health Centre in Europe to prevent and combat cancer and other degenerative disease.