Stress can literally kill us. It could well kill thousands in this strange lockdown situation we now find ourselves in.

LifeWave, an American company who have been flourishing in the intelligent heath community since 2004, have a wonderful patch for relieving STRESS. The patches arrive through their Irish office within days, delivered by courier.


They work on light therapy on the electricity of our infinitely intelligently designed body. I was introduced to LifeWave when speaking at the Cure to Cancer Conference in San Diego in 2015. I did my due diligence, visited their headquarters and started using the products with great effect. I have used them ever since.


These patches are called AEON. They are clinically proven to reduce stress in the body. They are used by many doctors and their patients. They promote relaxation and are completely drug free. They are photo therapy, (light therapy) which is the new face of medicine.

Originally designed for the US Navy Seals, an inventor found a way of keeping special forces going through combat stress.


They then produced Energy Enhancers to energise the body. Many highly paid sports celebrities starred using then first. Then people with chronic fatigue syndrome have at last found their energy being restored when they wear these patches on the lung meridians.


LifeWave then created Silent Night patches to help us get some sound sleep..


Carnisine is a very effective way of detoxing from radiation, So important now we are being bombarded with 5G.


Glutathione is the master anti oxidant in the body,


Direct from my website. You need to be sponsored and I can do that for you. If you have trouble signing up simply message me the patches you want to order and I can help you set up your own account. I can also advise you on the best placement for them. My Spanish doctor and I lead seminars at the Royal Society of Medicine in London and also in Spain to train people. Once you have your own account you simply re order as and when you want and are in total control. Navigate your Home 0ffice with loads of free information and special offers. You can also become a distributor which in effect means your commissions will pay for your own patches.

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