Breath of Life

Breath of Life


Instead of swallowing a chemical pill for every ill, how much more sensible it is to ADDRESSS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM  – and  remove it!

This is what my Get Well Stay Well Ministry is all about.  Prevention is SOOO much easier than cure!

Instead of taking anti inflammatory drugs to mask joint pain, for instance, how much better to remove the ACIDITY from the diet that is CAUSING the discomfort.   That acidity is of course coming from animal protein found in the “MAD” diet – Meat And Dairy!

Every anti-inflammatory drug causes side effects in the body.  Drugs cause acidity in the body and toxicity in the liver.  These inevitably lead to much more serious disease.

Our liver, is, after all, the detox filter of our body and once we compromise the health of the liver, major disease develops.

With each chemical drug we take, the synergistic (total) effect of so many drugs builds.   No clinical study has ever been undertaken to see the effect of many different drugs.

No wonder!  The lucrative drug companies would be shooting themselves in the foot when the public was made aware of the damage caused by the combination of different drugs.  And so the gullible public – “we the people” – or should I say “the sheeple” – obediently take the chemical drugs unquestioningly!

It is the quick and EASY fix, after all.

My Get Well STAY Well ministry is to educate, to expose and to eradicate disease.   It is the common sense approach!

However it requires people taking responsibility for themselves.

But when we detox and drink the juices of God’s Genesis 1.29 and 30 diet directions and address stress – we heal.   Simple as that!   As we come to learn through our painful experiences in life – God’s Word is always right.

Read Genesis 1:29 and 30 again!  Your physical healing lies there!

Then “stop conforming to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” – Romans 12:2 – your mental healing lies there!

Finally, ask the Holy Spirit of the Lord to cast out all spiritual pollution whether it is caused by your mistakes or inherited from your parents and grandparents – and you can be born again, with a new start, today!

Blessings and love,




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