A-Z of GWSW Courses


A for Avoiding and Addressing the Cause of Ageing, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive and Heart Disease, Stress, Armour of God

B for Breathing the Breath of Life, Bio Electrical Magnetic Medicine

C for Cell Communication, Colonics, Enemas and Implants. Chemtrails, CardioFlow, Curcumin

D for Detox, Dental health, Distillers, Dydydrators

E for Exercise, Environment

E for Electro Magnetic Radiation and Electro Magnetic Therapies

F for F Food Combining, Fitness while Travelling, Fertility

G for God’s Recipes, Gerson Therapy

H for Health Education, Hydration, Herxheimer Reaction, Hippocrates

I for Ionic Foot Baths, Inflammation

J for Juicing, Judaic heritage

K for clothes that are Killing us

L for Laser Therapy, Leucocytosis

M for Maintaining Perfect Weight, Minerals

N for Nutritional Combining

O for Oxygenating Therapy

P for Peaceful Sleep, pH balance, Patching Protocol, Probiotics, Pollution

Q for Quantum Healing

R for Regeneration, Regularity, Recipes

S for Skin, Supplements, Surviving Hospital, Smile, Stopping Snoring

T for Truth, Toxicity, The Tapestry

U for Understanding 80/20 Balance

V for Vitality, Victorious Living, Vitamins

W for Wheatgrass, Weight issues

X for X rays versus Thermography

Y for Youthfulness

Z for Zest for Abundant Life

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