I feel ill-equipped to do justice to Mum’s life and achievements with mere words as tools. They seem too clumsy, too cold and carry inadequate vibrancy and magnetism.  She was an exceptionally special lady, an inspiration to us all, a wonderful mother, a lioness to protect her family, a strong, incisive and eloquent communicator, a great listener and a fun, ambitious, unintimidatable advocate for healthy living.

She wanted a better life for us all. So focused was she on this end that she sacrificed an element of her own health but was happy to give it all willingly in her work as a health ambassador. That will be her greatest legacy to us all.  She was selfless and generous. She researched tirelessly, often only sleeping for 4 hours a night.  Her output was prodigious and perhaps best reflected in her interviews on Revelation TV.  For more examples of the same please check out her video page on this website or “Felicity Corbin-Wheeler” on You Tube. She was an advocate without fear, passionate and determined.

She witnessed the rise to maturity of my beautiful sister Melanie and then watched her painfully succumb to the cruelty of Hodgekinson’s lymphoma cancer at the tender age of 18.   She saw the orthodox recommended medicinal care of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at close quarters and noted how it undermined my sister’s immune system to the point of exhaustion.   Mel died in her prime at 20 and it was an excruciating period for us all.  Before she died Mum promised Mel that she would find a better way to treat cancer, harnessing the body’s immune system as a powerful ally and she became a resilient advocate for the treatments she espoused through her health ministry.   Mum practiced what she preached and overcame her own pancreatic cancer over a decade ago passing peacefully at her Jersey home with me at her side on the afternoon of 24 November 2020.  She died cancer free.

Felicity with her Grand Kids

She was an amazing mother, always with abundant positive energy and had time for us at any time day or night. She was full of hope and aspired for the best future for all her three children.

Thank you to the whole team at Revelation TV  for such a lovely tribute to Mum aired on your “R Mornings” flagship show on 26 November 2020.  If missed, Click here to watch.

Felicity with her sone Giles and daughter Camilla Felicity with her son Giles and daughter Camilla

From my sister Camilla and myself thank you to all those who keep Felicity’s memory alive by reflecting on her in your thoughts and prayers and of course please feel free to share her media content with anyone who you think it might help.

Rest In Peace Mum, you fought a courageous battle for all you believed in and were so deserving of an eternity of happiness, free from pain. Your daughter Melanie and parents Cyril and Phylis are with you now. Reunited at last in heaven.

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler 1941-2020

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