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I have created this educational website to spread awareness of the natural, non toxic, immune building, Integrated Health ways that are healing people round the world, and how I healed my own diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 2003.

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Interview with Dr. Francisco Contreras

Felicity interviews Dr. Francisco Contreras at the Oasis Of Hope Hospital – Tijuana, Mexico.

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Interview with Dr. Patrick Vickers

Felicity interviews Dr. Patrick Vickers at Northern Baja Gerson Center – Rosarito, Mexico.

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Interview With Dr. Véronique Desaulniers

Felicity interviews Dr. Véronique Desaulniers a breast cancer survivor, at the 2015 Integrated Health International Conference  – San Diego California

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Interview with ChrisWark

Felicity interviews Chris Wark; a chemo-free cancer survivor, at the 2015 Integrated Health International Conference  – San Diego California

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Get Well Stay Well Courses with Felicity

The program is designed for intelligent people who are aware of being overweight or under stress and want to detox to prevent disease, and also for those who are addressing disease and want to Get Well and Stay Well.

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Felicity on Revelation TV

Felicity makes regular 90 minute health weekly  Get Well Stay Well television programmes on Revelation TV which is broadcasting to 169 countries. You can watch it live on www.revelationtv.com.

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Interview with Nathan Crane

Felicity interviews Nathan Crane, CEO of Integrated Health International, at the 2015 annual Integrated Health International Conference – San Diego California

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Interview with Paul and Ann Malkmus

Felicity Corbin Wheeler interviews Paul and Ann Malkmus of Hallelujah Diet, during the 2015 annual Integrated Health International Conference – San Diego, California.

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Interview with Renato Persechino

Felicity interviews Renato Persechino, a nutritionist and personal trainer, at Northern Baja Gerson Center – Rosarito, Mexico

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How it all began

Melanie Wheeler

Melanie Corbin

I promised my daughter Melanie that I would do ALL I could to find “a better way” of dealing with the modern day scourge of cancer.

I founded my Get Well STAY Well Ministry in memory of my beautiful and very brave daughter Melanie who was afflicted with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on her 18th birthday and died of “the best” chemotherapy …Read More


Given six weeks to live! That was my diagnosis in 2003.

But I have been blessed with a complete healing from a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis with this Bible based nutritional and cleansing information. I have the scans to prove it! ...Read More

Disease Doesn’t Scare Me Any More!

To STAY well we have to take responsibility for our health and change our lifestyle from the one that made us ill in the first place ….Read More

Get Well Stay Well

My vision is to create a Christian Get Well Stay Well Center in Europe where people came to a safe caring environment. ..Read More

Visit to Integrated Health International Conference in San Diego March 2015

What IS Integrated Health? It is a way of healing the immune system naturally, by combining multi-factorial natural healing medicine with the the best of modern surgical techniques, and in rare emergency cases, where it is vital to save a life quickly, even some personalised insulin potentiated chemotherapy and small amounts of radiation when required. This is done to give the immune system enough TIME to rebuild itself. However the best results are found when ONLY natural treatments are given. Last week, I flew to USA to interview the world’s top Integrated Health doctors, and we visited and filmed the top Integrated Health Hospitals and Clinics in Mexico. Why Mexico? Because Mexico is free from the greedy clutches of Big Pharma who make billions of dollars annually out of damaging chemo, radiation and literally thousands of toxic drugs. Big Pharma bans natural cures as they cannot patent them to make even more money! It is Mexico where the essence of apricot kernels is given intravenously and perfectly legally, as it should be. The essence of the apricot kernel kills cancer cells on contact, without harming healthy cells! Used in conjunction with the Genesis 1:29 and 30 phyto nutrient diet, colonics and other natural remedies, God’s humble little golden apricot has been healing cancers for thousands of years, and is now in an intravenous form called laetrile, classified as Vitamin B17. Our western diet has made us deficient in this vitamin, and many other natural nutrients. This is the cause of most of our diseases. When I had a diagnosis in three countries of cancer in the head of my... read more

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