Jeremiah 30:17

God says in Jeremiah 30:17 that He will restore our health and heal our wounds. I believe that when we return to the Genesis 1:29 and 30 creation diet of plant based living enzymes and detox from pollution in body, mind and spirit, returning to the peace that passes all understanding, WE GET WELL AND STAY... read more

Oasis of Hope Christian Cancer Hospital, Tijuana, Mexico

This is the state of the art hospital which pioneered the essence of the natural apricot seed known as laetrile, or Vitamin B17, Latin name Amygdalina, as a cure for cancer. Independent statistics show this Christian Cancer Hospital has on average a 56% better cure rate for stage four cancers than any other hospital. Naturally, the patients do best when they have never received any damaging chemo. This was my case. 95% of such “virgin tumors” are healed very quickly with the detox, restoration of healthy life style with living enzymes, minerals and vitamins, the specific oxygen therapies and the resolution of stress. Having seen my teenage daughter tortured to death by chemo and radiation in 1989, on my own diagnosis in 2003 I adopted the natural, non toxic, immune boosting protocol immediately and with absolute conviction. Over eight months my massive tumor, which was in the head of the pancreas, next to the lung and aorta, and therefore “inoperable and incurable,” was reduced to a mere scar. I still maintain the diet and lifestyle that healed me, and know that God is my healer and give Him thanks every day. Psalm 118.17 says “I shall not die but live, and proclaim what the Lord has done”. This is exactly what my ministry Get Well STAY Well is about.   My mission is to spread this Good News abroad.   It is safe, non toxic, and it worked for me and many others.  It is all about restoring our Immune System.   As simple as that.  Whether or not it works for YOU is up to how well your... read more

Northern Baja Gerson Center in Rosarito, Mexico

Dr. Patrick Vickers is taking the late, great, Dr. Max Gerson’s life saving natural therapies to new heights in his lovely healing center on the Pacific Ocean at Rosarito, Mexico. Patients are accompanied free by a companion, and are accommodated in the adjacent luxurious condo with 24/7 medical support. Dr. Patrick is a doctor of chiropractice who studied Dr. Max Gerson’s hourly juices and coffee enemas at the clinic in Mexico started by his daughter Charlotte. Dr. Gerson was unexpectedly and suspiciously killed when he was on the verge of introducing new protocols. Patrick has the courage to implement these protocols. He is using Laetrile Vitamin B17 and mega dose intravenous Vitamin C. He is also using a potassium compound and Coley’s Immunotherapy as a vaccine.   This is a modality whereby fever is induced to kill stubborn cancer cells, in particular osteosarcomas. Dr. Patrick also uses dendritic cell therapy, ozone, shark cartilage, special herbal teas, chelation, hyperthermia, and other ground breaking protocols. If you are interested in knowing more, and are prepared to be radical in your dedication to your own healing Go to , e mail [email protected] Facebook Northern Baja Gerson Center or phone 001 715 299... read more

Visit to Integrated Health International Conference in San Diego March 2015

What IS Integrated Health? It is a way of healing the immune system naturally, by combining multi-factorial natural healing medicine with the the best of modern surgical techniques, and in rare emergency cases, where it is vital to save a life quickly, even some personalised insulin potentiated chemotherapy and small amounts of radiation when required. This is done to give the immune system enough TIME to rebuild itself. However the best results are found when ONLY natural treatments are given. Last week, I flew to USA to interview the world’s top Integrated Health doctors, and we visited and filmed the top Integrated Health Hospitals and Clinics in Mexico. Why Mexico? Because Mexico is free from the greedy clutches of Big Pharma who make billions of dollars annually out of damaging chemo, radiation and literally thousands of toxic drugs. Big Pharma bans natural cures as they cannot patent them to make even more money! It is Mexico where the essence of apricot kernels is given intravenously and perfectly legally, as it should be. The essence of the apricot kernel kills cancer cells on contact, without harming healthy cells! Used in conjunction with the Genesis 1:29 and 30 phyto nutrient diet, colonics and other natural remedies, God’s humble little golden apricot has been healing cancers for thousands of years, and is now in an intravenous form called laetrile, classified as Vitamin B17. Our western diet has made us deficient in this vitamin, and many other natural nutrients. This is the cause of most of our diseases. When I had a diagnosis in three countries of cancer in the head of my... read more
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